Thursday, 19 November 2009

Session L2 - Releasing your peoples creative genius

Session L2

Releasing your peoples creative genius

Karen Ver - Chair

Gordon Peterson –

Set the scene by measuring the energy in the group..

“has elvis left the building?”

Bono when going round asks “who is the elvis here?” what he is looking for is charisma, attitude

There is a little bit of elvis in everyone and our goal is to unleash the little bit of elvis in us

In pairs – face each other and looking at each other say I like you without smiling or laughing

As a Jedi – can you say “I love you” without laughing and smiling – they say it is impossible

There are some challenges that require us to use our social oomph

Told us a personal story of personal change, and how we often try to change but do not use the strategies that work and we wonder why.. we need to play to our strengths.

Innovation is about change, and sometimes we try to make change too early and not in the right context.

Introduces Yin/ Yang – all about balance.- doing-being

What gets lost in the doing stuff is the being how we do things.

Using simple mindsets can help us get into the mindset of

Productive creativity

The habit of doing new things to make a positive difference

Habit is counter intuitive – you don’t associate habit with doing nw things – you can build a habit of doing new things. Its not about crazytivity, its about something that can take us forward.

There is no right or wrong

Positive minded – you need a vision – how good are you and your organisations at killing ideas – 1-10

How do we kill ideas – write a report, do a business case, money, tried that before…. We are very good at killing ideas

Being able to nurture ideas is vital.


walk along a path – 3 little shoots – a genie appears

choose one…

1. rose

2. oak tree

3. gorse

what do you do? – wait nurture? See what is growing and changing

easy to say – difficult to do

in pairs – person 1 comes up with ideas to make the cipd conf better next yr

person 2 answers everyone with yes.. but

Say in your pairs

Remember that you felt like

Person 1 offers ideas to improve the conference

Person 2 answers with yes… and – offers ways of building

Recap on how people felt

When someone craps on someone’s ideas you sapp their power

How often do you have conversations of the second type – less judge mental and more supportive.

You need to be clear of what you expect from people – this is what de-bonos 6 hats is about. Being clear means you need to be careful about the language you use.

When we ask the question “what do you think?”

A better q would be “how could we make this better?”

Chris kissing the fish – there is a story behind this chris never used to like fish, he would go to dinner parties and be offered fish & DECLINED it – people took pitty on him. One day he tried it as he was wondering what he was missing out on. He tried it, found he liked it

Getting Fresh

Do you travel to work the same way?

Fav restaurant/ dish

Read the same mag/ news paper

Even when staying away sleep on the same side of the bed.

Why do we stay with our habits/ favourites.

Studies show that we can recall almost every piece of data we have ever been exposed to. We can hold an unlimited amount of data..

Why might having a lot of diff ideas in your mind – when you are looking to solve problems, if you have different experiences you have a wider pool of ideas to select from – fresh ideas

Get fresh, explore the ideas, get a fresh perspective. Buy a diff mag, go a different way to work. Consider doing something different every day – this may be as simple as going into a shop you would not otherwise go into, read a mag of something different that you would chose to read

Lighten-up! – do something frivolous

REAL – a fav company of mine is IDEO

Philosophy –

Get people engaged, bring the idea to life

Ask yourself the question – how can you bring your idea to life


Virgin spent months looking at virgin cola for months – then one day righard branson on morning TV answered the question “what is next?” he said in 6 ½ weeks is virgin cola – none of the project team knew this and were shocked, but the team delivered 6 ½ weeks later!.


BIG – do it, say it – take a personal risk. If you wait you will miss the moment. Be brave. If you take something away from this week be brave – do something

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