Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Delegate Drinks Reception

An audience with L Vaughan

We arrived for the ‘delegates drinks reception where red and white wine and orange juice. The session started calmly with networking tables with subject topics on stands on the tables. I met up with one professional who is now based in Frankfurt in the banking world, He described the whole event as a “HR love fest” – bizarrely I knew exactly what he meant”. Then the music filled the room and this ‘man’ in a yellow suit come out singing and clapping, he ran around the room shaking hands and giving hi-fives. This character turned out to be a cheesy motivational speaker – a good act – but I am not so sure that the ‘three victims’ enjoyed the show as much as others – and Tracey. if you are reading this were you his ‘fox’?

Entertaining yes… easy networking…no….

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