Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Session A2- Emanmanuel Gobillot

Emanmanuel Gobillot

Leadership is contextual not situational

Welcomed us to leave our technology on and tweet!

Showed video clip “ did you know

Its not just about the data in the film, but how it came to be –

We live in a world where content is being generated and distributed differently

What are the trends for leadership?

4 trends:

1) Data

2) Expertise – but models are changing

3) Attention

4) Democratic

Leadership is DEAD

Increasingly we are working with people who are not like is

Companies v-s org

Mass customization – crowdsourcing – mass participation – mass collaboration

Why have an org? it used to be cheaper to bring people together to produce. When you bring people in you shut talent out.

Where to focus – one –to-one one-to-many….

How can I follow you if I don’t know you are there?

If you are not followed you are not leading

The “ikeazation” of work… you are involved in the design, resourcing assembly etc…throughout this experience we are faced with different roles

What it means to work is changing

Work used to define us…

We need engagement, alignment

Engagement – we engage through clarity, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what people want is mess, what we don’t want is mess to the point of being stressful

Rather than clarity we want simplicity simplicity=simplification + coherence

Coherence = punctualisation (functions.. makes sense…)

Humans align through narratives…. We share stories, people know what we mean through our tone and story..

The Elvis fallacy is everywhere a like less conversation more action – this is not true, if you restrict conversations, your directives need to be more comprehensive.

How do you achieve a sense of accountability – Roles

You have to be clear of the tasks and want to do it – why you do it does not matter.

Some tasks are maintenance & accountability if there is coherence then people will do the tasks that they don’t want to for the ‘greater good’

Commitment – how do you get commitment – you buy it. It feels like commitment but it is not commitment – its prostitution.. when someone else offers more they are gone. The commitment is gone. Love is our ability to value, nurture and help other people to grow – remember the advert – everyone remembers a great teacher.

“have I made that person feel stronger and more capable?” if you have you have ‘loved them’

Coronary heart disease – 90% of people with this choose death few chose to change.. so even when faced with the data and reality, many fail to make a decision and take appropriate action.
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