Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Session b2 Transformational leadership

James Longwell – Cadbury







Performance driven, values led

Most of our growth will come from emerging markets and this means diversity at a senior mgt level

Double solid line reporting:

Functional boss and business unit boss

In the past leadership dev programmes were for the top 100 or so people –i.e. those in post, we realised that we needed to look at those with potential.

The next step was a programme for those that would be in the top 100 in the coming 1-2 years. What they then needed to do was to start to build the pipeline.

This was built from scratch to meet the org needs.

“total business leaders” no longer able to rely on their functional expertise.

Model of leadership – Judgement, Drive, Influence triangle model.

Important “drive to have impact” and “self awareness” are important to the org and

Spotting issues and framing are key strategic skills

The programme stretches participants self awareness

Looked to use ‘volunteering’ as a key part of the programme – where there was a win for the ‘client’ and learning for the leader.

A simple idea…. 3 circle model

IT – the “it” of leadership – the IT is massive



Most people attending the org are focused on IT and they realise that ME & US is important – the goal is to achieve balance.

The programme is summarised as “meet ALICE”






This is a 5 day learning event. A lot of stakeholder engagement was used to achieve the duration of the programme – at both business & functional levels.

The research suggested that a standalone programme we integrated the prog with coaching – 4 pre event calls and 3 post event

We also coach the line manager of the delegate, so that they experience some of the context what their people were going through.

See photo, bits in pink were with the voluntary org and ‘real’ work to be completed by the end of day 5

Fantastic leadership can lead to sustainability
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